and operations


Cutting-edge expertise in new real estate technologies

Our technological know-how and in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence solutions (proptechs) allow us to provide seasoned management of intelligent real estate or to support owners in upgrading their properties.

HVAC systems, energy consumption, user behaviour, internal and external temperatures, optimal user experiences, digital concierge... we help you make the gradual evolution from reactive to predictive property management.

Technological intelligence

Proptechs are growing at full speed to facilitate real estate from construction to sale. Start-ups abound and the industry is initiating profound changes brought by various underlying trends related to new technologies, changes in consumption and work patterns, and collective awareness of climate change. We constantly monitor these developments and maintain close ties with several up-and-coming players in the proptech sector. In addition, we have an in-house team dedicated to special projects and custom product development.