Proactive management with added value

Our asset management expertise guides our operator services towards a very simple objective: to optimize the profitability and enhance the value of your buildings throughout their useful life. This involves thorough operational, financial and human management, and respecting the highest performance and quality standards.

Our team’s specialization, our technological know-how, and the total vertical integration of our services give us unique depth and a formidable capacity for action.

From financial management to improving tenants’ quality of life, our presence and management processes have contributed to the success of many clients in a variety of industries, including those that are experiencing dramatic expansion.

Managing more than

6 000 000 square feet

of real estate

Our Portfolio


Complexe des Grandes Tourelles

Complexe Jules Brillant

Complexe Louis R. Renaud

Complexe Maurice Gauvin


7250 Marconi

Campus Ericsson

Tour Desjardins, Mascouche

950 Beaumont


950 Beaumont

Promenades du boisé


Centre Corporatif Laval VIII
Lufa Farms

Lumenpulse Group

SIMARD Transport

6555-6557 Cote de liesse

5501 Transcanada

3499 Douglas Floreani

Multi-Industriel St-Laurent

VSL Logistics HUB



Clinique Medical Nord de l'Ile

CSSS Vaudreuil




Espace Montmorency

VSL Logistics HUB

Operations management

Our property management services are among the industry’s most inclusive. They cover all the logistical, tactical and strategic aspects of a request. From managing your daily operations to developing preventive maintenance programs.

  • Planning maintenance operations and logistics
  • Optimizing processes and cost reduction
  • Sourcing and managing suppliers
  • Tenders and contracts
  • Managing energy programs
  • Managing leasehold improvements, repairs, renovations, expansions
  • Security
  • CMMS platform, reports and dashboards
  • Analysis of overall property performance
  • Planning
  • Budget creation and complete financial management
  • Rent collection
  • Financial and operating reports
  • Property tax management

Financial management

We focus our attention on your primary interests: protecting your assets and returns on your capital investments. Our financial management services help you reduce costs effectively, while maintaining your property’s reputation and tenants’ satisfaction.

Relationships with tenants

Your tenants are also our clients and your success relies on the quality of our relationship with them. We have a full suite of exclusively tenant services and communication tools that are securely accessible, including the ATRIUM Alcovi, an online portal dedicated to tenants for submitting requests, tracking progress, consulting various documents, and much more.

  • Audit of needs and improvement of the client experience
  • Receiving and processing requests
  • Follow-ups and satisfaction surveys
  • Lease management
  • Issues management and negotiation
  • Crisis management
  • ATRIUM – Technology portal dedicated to tenants
  • Context study and recommendations
  • Support for upgrades
  • Accreditation support (LEED, WELL, BOMA BEST®, etc.)
  • Development or execution of energy efficiency and environmental programs
  • Development of special programs
  • Communications and tenant mobilizations

Sustainable real estate and environmental certification consulting

Buildings’ energy and environmental performances depend on their long-term value. All over the world, obsolete buildings are in decline and suffering the associated negative effects. We help property owners and managers create a sustainable environment that meets today’s requirements for energy, GHG emissions, and waste management, as well as providing tenants’ comfort, satisfaction and safety.

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