Strategie + Real estate

We are both asset managers and real estate operators. We offer you investment strategies and building management services focused on today's needs and uses. We help you build and manage a wealth-creating real estate portfolio for a future filled with possibilities.


We provide asset management focused on performance and growth by ensuring the evolution of real estate capital throughout its lifespan. Our extensive network of partners and our constant monitoring of the industry allow us to predict trends and identify the best investment opportunities.


We imagine and initiate real estate solutions and services that optimize operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve long-term performance. Our proactive approach focuses on the tenant experience and distinguishes your buildings in the eyes of all your stakeholders.


We innovate to create inspiring and healthy environments that generate sustainable value for all; to assure that the impact of real estate on the community is positive and promising; to participate in a society and cities that are evolving and transforming; and to make your building an experience as well as a destination.


Senior management team

ALCOVI supports you with a team of skilled professionals who are attentive to your needs and essential details. Open-minded, always in search of improvement and innovation, they invest integrity and precision in every mandate with a constant objective of improving the real estate experience for our client partners.

Joe Cella

Partner & Co-Founder

Chantal Lacoste

Director, Property Accounting

Patricia Le Piane

Director, Property Management

Luciano Sevo

Senior Director of Operations

Involved wherever we can make a difference

We are driven by a genuine desire to contribute to the community. Over the years, ALCOVI has been involved in supporting the Kids for Life Foundation, in which our managing partner, Joe Cella, has personnaly been involved since 2017 as member of its steering committee.

The Kids for Life Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of children receiving medical treatment through various educational, literacy and other special programs. All proceeds raised through the Foundation’s activities are donated to Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

We also regularly pair our internal Team Building activities with causes we think are important in order to involve our team members in philanthropic actions in an innovative and unifying way. Our team is proud to have a positive impact in meeting the needs of the organizations our company supports.

Let's make your real estate future a reality

We collaborate with real estate investors, developers and owners who share our vision of an inspiring real estate future that creates collective wealth.

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